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The Delfino Tours boat excursion is full of stops on the beaches of the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago to let you enjoy the landscapes, take a dip in the transparent waters and have fun!

- The island of Spargi with Cala Corsara

- Budelli and its famous Pink Beach

- The island of Santa Maria

- La Maddalena historic center

- The passage under the suggestive Moneta bridge - a novelty for 2022 - which leads to the island of Caprera


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We will visit the archipelago of La Maddalena with a splendid boat excursion! Don't risk missing a day of pure fun, aboard our ship!

Book your boat excursion to La Maddalena archipelago now!


Our boat trips will make you experience unique emotions in front of landscapes that will take your breath away, their beauty is so rare and intact. You will be struck by the vividness and infinite variety of colors, by the harmony of shapes, by the whiteness of the famous beaches of the islands of the Maddalena Archipelago.

You will visit the islands of Spargi (stop at Cala Corsara), Budelli (stop at the Natural Pools) with the splendid Pink Beach, Santa Maria, (stop for a swim from the boat) La Maddalena (stop in the historic center) and the island of Caprera (passage panoramic).


Treat yourself to a 4-stop boat tour in the archipelago of La Maddalena!

We will leave from the port of Palau at 10:30 and we will sail towards the island of Spargi; here you can go down to the splendid bay of Cala Corsara where a comfortable wooden walkway will lead you to the different beaches. You will be able to stop for over an hour and on your return enjoy an excellent first course of pasta with shrimp sauce; after lunch with "sea view" comfortably seated, we will leave the island of Spargi heading along the coast to admire the rock of the Witch's Head, the Bulldog dog and Italy in miniature, granite rocks shaped by the wind over the centuries; going up the east coast, we will visit the other splendid beaches of the island of Spargi: Cala Granara, Cala Ferrigno, Cala Conneri up to the coast of the island of Budelli; where we will see the renowned Pink Beach, closed to navigation, bathing and where there is a ban on walking on the beach, here you will take a short photo stop.

Here we are at the Porto della Madonna or natural pools, known for the color of the crystalline water and for being a place sheltered from all winds; we are exactly in the center of the three islands: Budelli, Razzoli (where you can admire the famous lighthouse) and Santa Maria, we will take you to the beach of the island of Budelli for another regenerating bath, stopping at the natural pools for at least an hour or more .

We will head to the island of Santa Maria for our next swim stop, here you can sunbathe, bathe from the boat and take a short swim; the island of Santa Maria is famous for its long white sand beach and for the villas of the VIPs, including Roberto Benigni who takes refuge on the island in the low season;

We will leave the island of Santa Maria and sail along the northern coast of the island of La Maddalena where, sunbathing and enjoying the splendid navigation, you will admire the breathtaking scenery of the west coast of the island of Caprera; we will cross the Moneta bridge that welds the two islands as in an embrace, you will see again ... The coasts of the island of Giuseppe Garibaldi with the museum house, the old Club Med village with the characteristic bungalows, now abandoned, the beaches of Capocchia di Polpo and Ricciolina on the island of La Maddalena; the motor ship Delfino is one of the few that sails under the bridge, given the small size of the hull, it will be a truly unique experience for everyone!

After the suggestive navigation we will arrive in La Maddalena, in the commercial port. We are in the historic center, here you will have an hour of time to independently visit the main districts of the town, see the beauty of the 18th century buildings and maybe enjoy an ice cream in the traditional ice cream shops of Via Garibaldi. La Maddalena is a town of about 12,000 inhabitants, rich in history and seafaring traditions, it applied in 2021 to become the Italian capital of culture 2024, unfortunately the outcome was not positive.


The arrival at the port of La Maddalena is expected between 4:00 and 16:00 pm

Arrival at the port of Palau is expected between 5:30 and 6:00 pm

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