La Maddalena boat trips: Adventures among the Wonders of Sardinia

excursions BY BOAT TO THE MADDALENA with all the islands of the archipelago.

La Maddalena is an ‘island located in the archipelago of the same name in Sardinia. The ‘archipelago consists of seven main islands and numerous islets, all characterized by their natural beauty. The beaches in this area are moreover among the most beautiful in Italy, if not the world: fine white sand, crystal clear sea, Mediterranean vegetation and pink granite rocks create a unique landscape. A boat tour in La Maddalena is the perfect choice for those who want to fully enjoy the beauty of the ‘Maddalena archipelago and without having to struggle to reach its beaches, which can only be reached by boat. 

How to book THE boat trips toLa Maddalena from palau?

Delfino Tours organizes daily splendid boat trips with the possibility of lunch on board with departures from the port of Palau and also from the port of La Maddalena. the enchanting Maddalena archipelago is waiting to treat you to the splendor of unspoiled nature, we will spend a day together discovering the most beautiful islands of Sardinia, including sea fun and culture. We offer two daily trips of more than 7 hours. The most comprehensive boat excursion to La Maddalena is the   tour no. 1 , four stops of inestimable beauty! Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and La Maddalena. From the 2024 season we will be in line with the tour #2   which will touch on the island of Caprera – Cala Coticcio, Spargi with Connari cove and the beautiful town of La Maddalena. What are you waiting for? Book your La Maddalena excursions from Palau or La Maddalena port.