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Boat excursion from Palau

Things to see in Palau

Normally one goes to Palau to reach the beautiful islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago and from here one takes the ferry, the boat, gaining a role as a meeting place for tourists.
However, not everyone knows that Palau is a beautiful town, full of dreamy bays and which obviously shares the splendid crystal clear waters with the archipelago.

Palau was born as a very small village inhabited mainly by fishermen, in Northern Sardinia, who over time, however, have discovered, for obvious reasons, a real seaside vocation.
We at Delfino Tours, starting right from the port of Palau, try to make visiting the natural wonders of the area accessible and simple with our service, through a full day tour.


Palau: features and peculiarities of the area

Palau is located in the province of Sassari and is located not far from the much loved Costa Smeralda, an example of Sardinian beauty. Although it is mostly known for being the gateway to the La Maddalena Archipelago, as already mentioned, in Palau it is possible not only to visit the suggestive bays to admire unforgettable panoramas, but also its many places of interest.Not we are only talking about a place full of outdoor activities and organizations that deal with entertainment and water sports, but also of museums and characteristic villages that allow all its visitors to see with their own eyes the ancient history of Palau and of Gallura.


Palau: points of interest

Many tourists ignore the potential of beautiful Palau but nevertheless it remains a much loved destination. Through the excursions organized by Delfino Tours, it is possible to visit from the sea, to the famous Roccia Dell'Orso for example.
Not only that: the territory, rich in parks and green spaces, offers the possibility of camping near splendid bays and forests full of life. Furthermore, being a particularly windy area, the local services offer the possibility of practicing sports such as sailing, kite surfing , wind surfing and even snorkelling.
In fact, many enthusiasts and professionals of these sports frequent the area precisely to take advantage of the important meteorological characteristic.
By visiting instead the city, its villages, its shops and its restaurants mostly offering fish dishes (being their specialty), it is possible to taste the typical products of Palau to discover, also through your own taste buds, the history tells us about this place.


Beaches of Palau

In addition to these places of interest, Palau is full of renowned beaches, such as the beach of Palau Vecchio, an easily accessible place that is especially suitable for families, thanks to the shallow waters and the simplicity with which it is possible to reach it. On the other hand, especially for families, the pine forest around the beach can prove to be a great help to fight the summer heat and spend an unforgettable day peacefully.
Among the most important bays -  among the favorites of water sports enthusiasts - we cannot fail to mention Spiaggia delle Saline, not very far from the heart of the city. It is a beach rich in flora but also in fauna, where it is even possible to spot the wonderful pink flamingos. Then we have the Porto Lisca beach, on the north-eastern coast of the island and also characterized - in addition to the clear waters - by its not particularly deep waters.
Furthermore, let's not forget the very important Porto Pollo beach, also known as "Gabbiani right side" and its peculiarity lies in being a very long beach which is then divided by an isthmus that leads to a small island called Isuledda.
The real highlight, however, is that of Cala di Trana, so difficult to reach as to be uncrowded even in August and for this reason among the most beautiful beaches. It is a small beach surrounded by suggestive granite rocks which is located exactly in front of the island of Maddalena, a unique place.
Its sand is pink in color due to a particular mollusk that produces a substance of the same color and can be reached via a path, an hour's trek or from the sea.

Palau is a splendid city, full of wonders, both cultural and natural. Ecologically intact, it offers the possibility of visiting and experiencing truly enchanted places.