escursione in barca arcipelago la maddalena - tour n°1

La Maddalena Archipelago No. 1 boat excursion offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy an unforgettable day. The ‘7+ hour itinerary will guide you through the hidden treasures of the archipelago, allowing you to immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. During the La Maddalena tour from Palau by boat, we will head to the enchanting island of Spargi, with its white beaches and impressive granite rocks. Next, we will also explore the island of Budelli, famous for its natural pools and also the Pink Beach, and while sailing we will admire the breathtaking views of the island ofSanta Maria. In addition, during La Maddalena excursions, you will also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes and experience unique emotions. Finally, landing in La Maddalena, you can stroll through its picturesque streets and thus enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream. With the limit of 80 passengers out of 255 available seats, we guarantee a ‘comfortable and relaxing Maddalena Archipelago boat excursion.

Spargi isole La Maddalena
1) sosta - cala corsara i.spargi

Sosta in spiaggia 1 ora a Cala Corsara

nave Corsara delfino tours la maddalena

Bagno dalla barca 25 minuti circa

tour la maddalena, la maddalena da Palau in barca
3) sosta - cala Santa Maria i.santa maria

Sosta in spiaggia 1 ora e 15 minuti

isola la maddalena via Garibaldi
4) sosta - centro storico i.LA MADDALENA

Sosta 1 ora al centro per shopping

ore e oltre di tour
quattro splendide soste
l'unica con tre ponti
due porti di partenza

choose la maddalena archipelago boat excursion no. 1

The Maddalena Archipelago No. 1 boat excursion that we offer is a truly unforgettable experience because it lasts more than 7 hours and will take you to discover all the islands of the Maddalena geo marine national park. What’s more, during this adventure, you will also visit the islands of :

  1. Spargi: This island enchants with the beautiful Cala Corsara, a beach sheltered from the prevailing winds and with wonderful colors.
  2. Budelli Island: here we will swim from the boat at the Natural Pools and also visit the famous Pink Beach from the sea.
  3. Santa Maria: one of the northernmost islands of the La Maddalena archipelago, here we will stop at the beach of the same name.
  4. La Maddalena: we will stop at the harbor, the heart of the island, at the conclusion of the tour, you will visit the historic center as well as its beautiful characteristic stores.

This boat experience, gives you a comprehensive overview of the natural and cultural beauty of the La Maddalena archipelago. Get ready to immerse yourself in a truly unforgettable journey for all ! Book now the La Maddalena tour from Palau No. 1 by boat.


mappa tour LA MADDALENA n°1 arcipelago la maddalena

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4 soste sulle isole


Spargi Island will be our first destination, completely uninhabited and accessible only by sea via our boat trips. Here, we will anchor in the wonderful bay of Cala Corsara on the southern side, a cove that is always protected from most winds. On the island of Spargi, the stop will last more than an hour and you will have the opportunity to go down to the beach via the granite jetty at the entrance to the bay. Today the island is completely uninhabited and protected by the Archipelago Nature Park, but it has never changed its nature of incomparable and luminous beauty. Certainly this beautiful island is the largest of the four major islands in the Archipelago known for the beaches on the eastern side.
Among them: Cala Corsara, Cala Connari, Cala Granara, Cala dell' Amore and other coves protected by the large granite rocks carved by the wind and the lush vegetation that reaches the shoreline.


2) BUDELLI ISLAND STOP -During the La Maddalena tour by boat, the second stop is scheduled at Budelli Island. Here, moored, you will have the opportunity to take a dip at the Natural Pools. Upon reaching the island, we will approach the coast, allowing you to photograph the world-famous Pink Beach. Tuttavia, dal 1994, è in vigore un divieto di balneazione e navigazione, quindi potremo soltanto avvicinarci e fotografarla dal mare. Not to be missed is swimming from the boat in front of Cavaliere beach or "Piscine Naturali," also on the beautiful island of Budelli. Here, amid sun and sea, you will pause in a truly heavenly setting. Budelli, with its landscapes, enchants visitors, turning this stop into a true moment of connection with nature and total relaxation. During the stop, we will be exactly in the middle of the three wildest islands-Razzoli, Santa Maria and Budelli. The stop takes about 25 minutes.

i.santa maria

3) SANTA MARIA ISLAND STOP - The third stop: we will continue in the afternoon to Santa Maria Island for a long beach stop; you will have enough time to follow to sunbathe, swim and enjoy the view. There are very few buildings on the island of Santa Maria, but among them is a very old and modest Benedictine monastery where at that time, friars fleeing from Bonifacio found refuge. Attached to the convent is a church dedicated to Our Lady from which it derives its name.
The island has a beautiful beach with fine sand: Cala Santa Maria, one of the widest. Once upon a time, screenwriter Franco Solinas - immersed in the peace and beauty of Santa Maria - wrote among the most important pages of committed Italian cinema. Solinas' stories fascinated actors and directors such as Gillo Pontecorvo, Michelangelo Antonioni, Costa Gavras and Gian Maria Volontè who were also captivated by the landscape.


la maddalena

4) LA MADDALENA STOP - The third stop Begin with the 'adventure of discovering the island of La Maddalena: it must be considered that the island is an authentic gem rich in history. Two hundred years of history lived intensely and enriched by the passage of great historical figures. Once called the little Paris, La Maddalena is counted among the most beautiful towns in Sardinia, in 2022 it was elected " Most Beautiful Village in Italy." Walking through the streets of the historic center is like taking a journey into the past because of the constant reminders of the great people who 'have loved and frequented it. Garibaldi Street is full of beautifully preserved 18th-century buildings, craft stores and quaint establishments where you can buy souvenirs, typical textiles and precious jewelry. Imagine walking through the streets, stopping at one of the island's quaint cafes and ice cream parlors and sampling the delicacies on offer. The stop at the center of La Maddalena Island takes about an hour.

tour la maddalena from palau by boat n.1

la nostra splendida

La nostra motonave può ospitare fino a 255 passeggeri, ma per garantire una esperienza più intima e rilassante, limitiamo il numero di partecipanti a soli 150 per l'escursione numero 2 alle isole di Caprera e all'arcipelago della Maddalena. Inoltre, per l'escursione numero 1 all'arcipelago della Maddalena, accogliamo solamente 80 passeggeri. Questo significa che potrai finalmente goderti l'intera bellezza di questi luoghi senza affollamenti sulla barca e con un servizio veramente personalizzato e senz' altro unico.


The La Maddalena tour No. 1 is suitable for everyone including children, the elderly and handicapped, landings are direct on the beaches ( except the island of Budelli ) and the town center of the island of La Maddalena


Check - in from 9:00 am to 10:15 am departure from the port of Palau 10:30 am - return 5:45 pm.
Check - in from 8:15 am to 8:35 am departure from the port of La Maddalena 8:40 am - Return about 4:15 pm.


Restaurant service ( optional and extra ) there is a well-stocked bar-restaurant service on board with typical dishes, salads, various fried foods; it is also possible to bring your own packed lunch on board.


The La Maddalena No. 1 tour departs daily from the ports of Palau and La Maddalena. Beginning June 28 and ending September 20, 2024, tour No. 2 to Caprera, Spargi and finally La Maddalena will be conducted on Wednesdays and also on Fridays.



The La Maddalena tour by boat No. 1 in the Archipelago is the solution to spend a day of well-deserved, carefree relaxation, pampered by the crew and our guide who will intrigue you with special historical tales concerning the culture and the best-known anecdotes about these enchanted places.
An itinerary full of stops (as many as four) with lots of swimming at the most beautiful coves of the Archipelago and also fun with in addition diving from the boat at the island of Budelli. On the last leg, a walk through the historic center of La Maddalena will conclude the day, and sailing to Palau will bring the tour to a close.


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