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BOAT EXCURSION in the archipelago of La Maddalena - Sardinia


The boat tour in the Maddalena archipelago is the solution to spend a day of deserving relaxation, without worries, pampered by the crew and our guide who will intrigue you with historical details.
An itinerary full of stops (no less than four) with swimming in the most beautiful coves of the Archipelago and also amusing with the dives from the boat at the island of Santa Maria. In the last stage, the walk in the historic center of La Maddalena will conclude the day.

PORT OF PALAU - DEPARTURE EVERY DAY AT 10.20-10.30 Check-in at box n ° 6, in our office inside the maritime station - Coast Guard of Palau. 5, is located in Piazza del Molo in front of the maritime station, embarkation of motor ships and Delcomar ferries.

PORT OF LA MADDALENA - DEPARTURE EVERY DAY AT 08.30 Gold medal bench near the Post Office, in front of the "Aragosta "restaurant.



First stop: on the beach for a swim in the waters of the beautiful Cala Corsara on the Island of Spargi, where we will stay until 13:00. Back on board you can enjoy, if you want, an exquisite pasta with shrimp cooked on the spot and (cost € 5).

Second stop: we will then head towards the Island of Budelli, where we will get as close as possible to the coast, losing the opportunity to see and photograph the famous Pink Beach up close. Absolutely to do the bath in the Cavaliere beach also called Natural Pools, also on the beautiful island of Budelli.Here we will disembark to be inebriated by the sun and the sea in a truly paradisiacal setting. We will be exactly in the center of the three wildest islands: Razzoli, Santa Maria and Budelli.

Third stop: we continue in the afternoon towards the island of Santa Maria for a stop diving from the boat; we will sail along the coast of the island of Caprera - new for 2022 - with a suggestive passage under the Ponte dellaMoneta that connects it to the mother island.

Fourth stop: we will head towards the famous island of La Maddalena and here we will stop for a splendid city. You will be able to walk freely among the characteristic streets of the famous old town, full of shops for shopping and admire the viewpoint over the port of Cala Gavetta.
Returning to Palau from the motor ship you can admire the famous Bear's Rock on the Palaese coast, shaped like this by the winds for millions of years.
Expected arrival at the port of Palau around 17:30 - 18:00

Here is the map of the tour in the Maddalena archipelago with 4 stops;

The itinerary may be subject to changes in the event of adverse weather conditions or on the directive of the park and Coast Guard authorities.