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Services on board, tips


On the Delfino tours motorboat you will feel at ease and during the excursion we will guide you, with information
detailed on the places we will see and visit.

The boat tour in the Maddalena archipelago is the solution to spend a well-deserved day
relaxation, carefree, pampered by the crew and our guide who will intrigue you with particular stories

Because this boat tour is the most convenient way to visit all the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago?

- complete boat tour with all the islands of the archipelago: Budelli, Spargi, Santa Maria, Caprera and La
- it is cheap (the landing tax is already included in the price)
- you will be able to swim in the beaches of the tour
- there is also a free stop on the island of La Maddalena
- you can buy an exquisite first course of pasta with prawns cooked on the spot and drinks
- the motor ship Delfino is the only passenger transport boat that passes under the Caprera bridge
- departures every day from the port of Palau and La Maddalena
- we are a GREEN company: the dishes used are 100% compostable
- you can book online without paying money. You will pay directly in the office



What we have on board for you:

- panoramic deck
- climbing ladder for diving
- lounge area
- refreshment bar
- multilingual guide
- double toilets
- 80 seats between the lower and upper decks

We remind you that the mini-cruise includes stops in the various beaches of the Archipelago for swimming and swimming
relaxation in the sun. This is why beachwear is a must: shoes suitable for the beach, towel, swimsuit.

It is allowed to bring beach umbrella, strollers, mask and fins and snorkeling equipment, food and
drinks in the cooler.

It is not allowed to bring on board: fishing rods and spearguns.

Remember to bring your camera to take home the beautiful memories of this magnificent excursion in the archipelago of La Maddalena, on board our motorboat.









- Hat, protective sun milk, flip flops or sneakers (no heels)

- A dry change for when you go down to the island of La Maddalena

- Cash for purchases at the bar on board and for shopping in La Maddalena, we do not have boat pos

- A stick for insect or jellyfish stings

- Seasickness tablets

- For allergic-celiacs, bring your own lunch

- Food for your children: baby food and snacks for the afternoon. Remember that you can buy drinks on board at reasonable prices

- Snorkeling equipment


We recommend NOT TO BRING:

- alcohol and drugs

- spear guns and fishing poles


Remember that the motor ship is only authorized to transport passengers.