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THE ARCIPELAGO OF LA MADDALENA: a jewel set in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, where clear waters and enchanting islands merge into a dreamlike landscape. We have been sailing in the national park for more than 15 years and since 2023 with the ‘ Corsara’ boat we have been offering daily motorboat excursions, also with lunch on board offering high quality services at affordable prices to ensure an unforgettable experience for visitors. Here are some of our services during the ‘boat excursion:

COMPLETE ITINERARIES: We offer two different itineraries to the islands of the Maddalena archipelago, Spargi, Budelli with the Pink Beach and Natural Pools, Santa Maria, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Razzoli and La Maddalena with its historic center, allowing you to choose which beaches to visit. You can explore the most famous coves, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, or simply relax in the sun on board the ship. We will enrich our boat tours with a free stop on the main island to end the day on a high note.

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Live explanations in 4 languages of the places visited: English, Italian, French and Spanish

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Visit the "EXCURSIONS" section to find out about our boat tours. NEW 2024 eco-sustainable tour

reduced passenger capacity

The only boat with LIMITED passenger capacity on both routes


portata limitata

Siamo l'unica nave con portata limitata a soli 80 passeggeri, su 250 di capienza massima. I nostri tour in barca deluxe sono concepiti per offrirvi un'esperienza di relax, comfort e avventura.



I tour in barca con numero limitato di passeggeri sono studiati per offrirvi un' esperienza di relax, comfort e avventura a bordo della nostra splendida nave " Corsara".


comodi ponti

L' unica imbarcazione con tre ponti, due prendisole e il ponte di coperta attrezzato con comodi divani e tavoli per il pranzo a bordo.


azienda eco friendly

Siamo una compagnia GREEN: le stoviglie utilizzate sono al 100% compostabili, a bordo si effettua la raccolta differenziata e dal 2024 effettueremo un' itinerario ecosostenibile.


tour in barca la maddalena con pranzo a bordo

Discover the modern boat “Corsara,” equipped with ample space and as many as three decks with plenty of seating. The two upper, open-air decks are furnished with individual seating and offer space for sunbathing. The lower deck is spacious and is set up with comfortable sofas and tables, perfect for enjoying the excellent lunch offered by the on-board kitchen. In addition, it is equipped with double toilets.
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Restaurant on board: on our boat, you will find a fully equipped restaurant ready to delight your senses. And the prices? They are moderate! Here are some delicacies: shrimp pasta: a delicious dish freshly prepared, mixed fried fish: crispy and tasty, typical desserts such as seadas, freshly cooked: you can’t leave Sardinia without savoring a Seadas: a traditional dessert made with cheese and honey. Soft drinks and snacks: we have a wide selection of soft drinks, stuffed sandwiches, and snacks to satisfy every craving.

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Certified safety:
Our boat is certified by the Registro Italiano Navale (R.I.N.A.) and we meet strict safety standards. You can enjoy the excursion without worry, knowing that you are in experienced and reliable hands; our staff is scrupulously trained and there are no less than two lifeguards on board for your safety at sea. Your experience on board will be one of relaxation, safety and comfort.

Safe bathing on board:
located at the stern of the ship is the spiaggina, a special nook equipped with two ascending ladders, perfect for bathing and diving directly from the boat. After a refreshing swim in the crystal clear sea, you can easily climb back on board thanks to the dedicated stairs. You won’t have to worry about climbing or struggling to get back on the boat. The stairs will also allow you to dive safely.



We are an eco-sustainable company: Delfino Tours is committed to preserving the natural beauty of these islands with ecological experiences in the La Maddalena Archipelago. If you are looking for a travel experience that combines adventure and environmental stewardship, this is the ideal choice. We are a green company that has embraced sustainable practices for many years. Here’s what makes our excursions unique: we long ago said goodbye to plastic tableware and environmentally harmful detergents. Our boats are plastic-free, we separate waste on board and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our philosophy is simple: respect the nature around us. From 2024, we will experience an eco-sustainable route at least twice a week. Durante queste escursioni, eviteremo la discesa diretta sulle spiagge per non compromettere il fragile ecosistema. La nostra priorità è preservare il territorio del parco nazionale e ridurre la pressione antropica sulle spiagge.

During the ‘snorkeling itinerary, we allow passengers the privilege of enjoying a long stop at the island of Caprera in Cala Coticcio, also known as Tahiti. Its natural aquarium and bottom color will leave you breathless. Unlike other companies, we will stay at least an hour and thirty minutes, allowing experienced swimmers to explore the nearby creeks by swimming. We will provide free buoyancy boards, masks and float tubes for the less experienced.

Our tour includes. also a stop on theisland of Spargi, at the beautiful Connari cove. Here you can admire unspoiled nature and swim in crystal clear waters. Finally, we will land on theisland of La Maddalena to visit the town and do some shopping.


Enjoy the sea and the wonders of La Maddalena archipelago with us, choose Delfino Tours! We differ from other companies by carrying a small number of passengers. This ensures a pleasant and relaxing experience with no crowds and guaranteed space. See all the detailed information in the "excursions" section of our website. Choose the classic tour or the snorkeling tour and join us for an unforgettable, environmentally friendly adventure filled with natural beauty!



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