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The island of Spargi is the largest of the four major islands of the Archipelago known for the beaches on the eastern side.
Among these: Cala Corsara, Cala Connari, Cala Granara and other inlets protected by large granite rocks sculpted by the wind and by the luxuriant vegetation that reaches the shore.
On the northern side of the island of Spargi, one is struck by the fortifications overlooking the sea camouflaged between the enormous granite boulders and the thick scrub that characterizes the entire island.



A spectacular corner of paradise with white beaches and emerald waters, a special place that is hard to forget. It was also difficult for an alleged bandit, a certain Natale Beretta, who hid here in the dense thicket of the island in the early nineteenth century, escaping the guards who periodically searched for him. After a long time, his innocence was proved and he was completely acquitted.
He settled here in Spargi, on this beautiful and uncontaminated island, together with his wife and children, living off agriculture and pastoralism: by now it had become his home and he never managed to leave the island. He declared that he felt King of Spargi and did not want anything else from life when Count Francesco Aventi visited him in 1869.
Today the island is completely uninhabited and protected by the Archipelago Natural Park but it has never changed its nature of incomparable and luminous beauty.