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The Pink Beach of Budelli island: a paradise on earth

Surely, it is the most beautiful beach of the archipelago of La Maddalena, unspoiled ...
The Pink Beach is located on the Island of Budelli, in the La Maddalena Archipelago.

The Pink beach is famous for the color of its fine pink sand, from which it takes its name. During the navigation we will make a photo stop in front of it and you will be amazed by the splendor of the sea and the beach, surrounded by golden granite rocks.The Island of Budelli has a small area, about 1.6 square kilometers, its highest point it is represented by Monte Budello, 87 meters high.

Until 2020, the island was inhabited by only one person, the caretaker, Mauro Morandi. Due to the imminent renovations of the small house on the beach, by the park authority, he had to leave waiting for a prompt relocation, perhaps on the island. Maddalena, this naturalistic wonder is only accessible by sea.

The Pink Beach takes its name from the typical pink color of the sand that distinguishes it, a color due to the fragments of a small microorganism called miniacin miniacea that lives on dead seagrasses deposited on the beach.
When these microorganisms die, the fragments reach the shore, crumbling thanks to the erosive action of the waves and atmospheric agents.
Over the years, however, the uncivilized actions of mass tourism have altered the beauty of the beach, so that, to date, it is forbidden to moor on the island except with authorized excursions and under the strict control of the park guides, present in the summer months on the Beach;

it's like ... A beauty that does not escape the gaze of its admirers who choose to enjoy a boat trip, being able to admire the splendor that distinguishes it even if, from a distance!